Naira kashyap

" “JFM’s How to Write Better class was the turning point for my writing. His passion for the written word showed throughout the course, and each week was packed with pivotal lessons. I learned about techniques I wouldn’t’ve discovered if it weren’t for his class.and because of those techniques. "

Amrit Lamba

" “You will laugh, you will cry, you will eat your heart out (and tear your hair out), you will curse the world in general (and Joshua Fields Millburn in particular), you will learn what anaphora and asyndeton are. Seriously, this is the course to take if you are willing to work to improve your writing" "

Priyanka Singh

" “I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning how to write better, Joshua Fields Millburn is that person—he’s skillful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show you the way. What he teaches you will help you improve your writing, not just during the course, but beyond" "